cyberocean – 분위기 محيط ب a m b i e n c e z o n e 雰囲気

Recommendation: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

분위기 محيط ب a m b i e n c e z o n e 雰囲気1 by cyberocean is an eight-track album of vaportrap and hypnagogic drift that was released in November 2016 through Vice ’98 in digital format and on (since sold-out) cassette. The album is generally composed by taking relaxed melodies and overlaying them with hip-hop and trap beats – very similar to work done by TASPO on the double-album SIMULATION // SIM.BETA. Some of cyberocean’s tracks are totally ambient, but the majority feature ever-so-slightly low-fidelity beats that are played at a moderate tempo to match the backing music. The production tropes utilized by cyberocean on this release are fairly standard for the genre; the hypnagogic and ambient parts (e.g. final track “Ambience Zone”) are the recommended ones.



1. VOID – (4:27)
2. Where OS Systems Lay to Rest – (3:40)
3. Underwater- (3:44)
4. DEATH 死 – (3:18)2
5. Drop – (3:18)
6. SUNDAY – (1:26)
7. Translucent Chassi – (3:05)
8. Ambience Zone – (9:53)


1Korean/Persian/Japanese translation: “Atmosphere” or “Ambiance”
2Japanese translation: “Death”


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