About SUNNbleach

SUNNbleach is the alter ego of Sunbleach that reviews and discusses extreme metal instead of vaporwave. It was originally an April Fool’s Day 2017 feature that included some album reviews and an album-of-the-day before returning to normal programming. SUNNbleach was brought back for three days around Halloween 2017 and included additional articles such as a feature on the Fallen Empire Records label and additional album articles, plus a new album-of-the-week.

Fitting the heavy metal theme, the site was changed with a new background featuring a famous heavy metal artwork (e.g. Nattens Madrigal by Ulver for April Fool’s Day 2017) and the tagline was edited to say “the brutal resource network”. Recommendations utilized wolf faces instead of suns. Additionally, a close-up of the Hell portion from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Heironymous Bosch replaced the Sunbleach image of the glitched palm trees.

SUNNbleach was originally a one-off joke. All articles were hidden following the completion of April Fool’s Day 2017 so as not to interfere with the main site. It received positive community support on social media, hence it returning in Halloween 2017 after a couple weeks of teasers. Following the completion of the Halloween 2017 SUNNbleach feature, SUNNbleach became a permanent feature tab on the site for continued access instead of being hidden again like following April Fool’s Day 2017.

This section of the site will be sporadically updated without announcement, as Sunbleach is first and foremost a website dedicated to vaporwave. However, extreme metal is a lot of fun, so whenever a break is needed from vaporwave, gears shall be switched for an album article or other write-up.


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