AOTW 27 November – 3 December: Henry Wong – H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+

H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ is one of those albums that makes you go “the hell am I listening to” – in a good way. H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ is this artist’s only release for TKX Vault, coming in at number thirty-five of the original fifty releases within the TKX Vault catalogue. This twenty-minute, eight-track album is ostensibly hardvapour, but it utilizes a highly unique blend of rhythmic noise and synthesizer music that is difficult to pin under the “hardvapour” tag – which is typically associated with techno and gabber beats. Its closest analogue is 808 Hate Suite by Sandtimer (also on TKX Vault), which features similar rhythmic noise aspects. (Attentive listeners might also parse the distortion effects on “Golom” sounding similar to “Recycle” on Leave with Us, also by Sandtimer.) The production on this work is quite impeccable; the loudness of the drillbit bass on “Cryvon” is all the more effective due to the gaping maw of the production with the slightest bit of reverb, as if H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+ were produced within a warehouse on a cold night in Manchuria. Recommended for fans of noise music in general; from here, it’s a slippery slope into power electronics and other highly abrasive media.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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