AOTW | 11 December – 17 December: emperor tangerine – my empire

TKX Vault opened in September 2014 with Y. 2089 by テレビ体験, a hallmark of vapornoise and broken transmission music. Well, in case you didn’t believe that TKX Vault was going to be a little bit different from parent label and dreampunk codifiers Dream Catalogue, a little album called my empire dropped nine days later from the enigmatic emperor tangerine. Whereas Y. 2089 is vapornoise, my empire is noise to an extent previously untouched in the realm of vaporwave. my empire is a four-track full-length of repetitive extraordinarily degraded vocal clips with drone-esque squeals comparable to “Nil Admirari” by Oneohtrix Point Never (albeit more structured than the OPN track initially belies). Occasionally, my empire utilizes industrial techno rhythms that preempt the hardvapour music, as heard on the thubbing bass kicks of “ring” and the cycling progressions that open “daisy”. This album is recommended for fans of Eulogy by Employee#6817, another album that utilized extreme copious amounts of repetition and unsettling noise filters.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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