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AQUATIC AIRLINES 魚の平面1 is a vaporwave “supergroup” comprised of Telepathic Data Storage (credited as “TDS”), Hantasi, Korea Air, Power PCME, khoven, and s a k i 夢. Tetra Systems2 released their debut album AQUATIC AIRLINES 1 on October 28, 2016 as a digital download, and Sud Swap Audio Brewing issued a since sold-out edition of white cassettes shortly afterward. This release – as with other Tetra Systems albums – falls within the purview of “fishvapour” or “fishdream”, a tag created by s a k i 夢 to describe a distinct type of aquatic-themed vaporwave music that is inspired by ambient IDM, breakbeat, and dreampunk.

Each member of AQUATIC AIRLINES 魚の平面 contributed one song to this album while receiving input from one another, making their debut a compilation of thematically-similar tracks. All contributions have the distinct Tetra Systems aesthetic of significantly clear production and watery3 electronics while also representing each artist’s individual styles. The tracks by Telepathic Data Storage and Hantasi are the most ambient, featuring airy synthesizers by the former and reverbed piano with off-kilter percussion by the latter. Korea Air’s contribution is the longest, and its mixture of ambient techno with breakbeat percussion that is highly representative of fishvapor/fishdream. Power PCME’s begins with field recording nature sounds and a strong bass melody with additional synthesizers that sound as if they are played underwater. As the track progresses, the synthesizers become more distorted almost to the point of becoming electro-esque before returning to the original aesthetic. khoven’s features a gentle, simple keyboard production with clear percussion that evokes the same aesthetic as that of Korea Air. s a k i 夢 closes the album with a slightly-phased ambient section that sounds as if it could be the soundtrack to an early temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

AQUATIC AIRLINES 1 provides a nice foil to the s a k i 夢 full-length albums such as 夢の中で失われました. It is recommended for fans of any of the contributed artists, and it is a good introduction to the overall sound of Tetra Systems before moving to more experimental works such as forgotten time.



1. TDS: AA_00 – (7:05)
2. Hantasi: AA_01 – (9:48)
3. Korea Air: AA_02 – (10:55)
4. PowerPCME: AA_03 – (8:12)
5. khoven: AA_04 – (4:47)
6. s a k i 夢: AA_05 – (8:48)


1Japanese translation: “(Aquatic airlines) Fish’s plane”
2Owned and operated by s a k i 夢 by way of Kai Beckman.
3Pun not intended. It’s just the best word to describe this album.


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