BLCR Laboratories releases “Small Lights” by No Death / Rhucle

No Death is an experimental cyberpunk/ambient artist who has released albums on Nebula Collective, BLCR Laboratories, and No Problema Tapes – including a high-profile collaboration with Sangam called Waiting at the Gates. Rhucle is a Japanese artist who primarily works within ambient and dreampunk music who’s been extraordinarily active since 2013, dropping at least thirteen full-length albums this year. Small Lights is a split album between the two of eight tracks: three from each artist, then a remix of a song from the other artist. This release is exceptionally ambient with drifting electronic synthesizers and effects, akin to early 90s new age. It’s available for €4 EUR as a digital download and for €9 EUR on cassette.

Check it out below:



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