& Options releases “yourmusic” by Wasn’t

yourmusic is a new vaporwave release from Wasn’t (under the pseudonym Slime Domain) through & Options, a label that (like Adhesive Sounds) releases a variety of types of electronic music mostly set within experimental and retro aesthetics. yourmusic is one of the first releases from the label that’s set in vaporwave for a while. It’s ostensibly a remix album on steroids, often featuring several different samples overlaid at once that interact with each other based on their different tempos and cadences. Some tracks (e.g. “Everything I Said Makes Sense”) feature twinkling electronics that sound ever so slightly danceable. yourmusic is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $9 on cassette. You can also purchase the Slime Domain trilogy for $22 CAD.

Check it out below:



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