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POCARI COATING – known as POCARI ステューシー until 2017 – is a French artist who has released vaporwave music since 2015. Starting in classic-style vaporwave with School Days (a split EP with 猫 シ Corp.), POCARI COATING was featured on a variety of high-profile vaporwave compilations including The Eternal Dream System from Dream Catalogue, The Vape Council, Pt. IV from Elemental 95, and NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL VAPORWAVE from Colosseum Records. In 2016, they branched into signalwave music with Lens Flare on Elemental 95, an avenue that reached its conclusion with January 2017’s Light Lines on Goodnight Tapes in physical and limited-edition cassette formats.

Light Lines flows with the source material typically present in classic-style vaporwave, owing to POCARI COATING’s artistic history. The samples are adult contemporary and muzak (or muzak-esque) instrumental ditties. This contrasts with the classical and TV advertisements sampled by other signalwave artists such as Infinity Frequencies and ULTRACOMPUTER, who utilize signalwave to evoke feelings of loneliness in the former and discord in the latter. POCARI COATING’s brand of signalwave evokes the late-night TV-watching associated with Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza; the album’s blurb makes this explicit, calling it a “delectable foray into plunderphonic lo-fi vaporwave [that] gives that slightly eerie feeling of watching old weather channel videos on a busted TV in a neon backlit room”. Although the end result isn’t nearly as creepy as this descriptor implies, the “busted TV” analogy is quite apt.

The production utilizes different levels of fidelity. “Overnight” is muddled with almost no high-end, and “Travel Forecast” sounds like dust on the speakers – again like Infinity Frequencies with their Computer trilogy. “Beach Club” is deceptively hi-fi, especially following “Overnight”. These stark production differences impart a program-switching milieu, if not channel-switching. However, they’re not different enough to distract or kill the vibe, which is a fine line in vaporwave production.

Light Lines would be well-placed in full within any signalwave playlist. It’s only thirteen minutes long, and its goals are most effectively realized via a full-album experience. It’s also recommended for fans of the subgenre who are not as interested in its noisier experiments.



1. Cable Transmission – (1:16)
2. Blue Shade – (1:01)
3. Travel Forecast – (0:59)
4. Wave Runner – (2:11)
5. Spring Sunset – (0:39)
6. Thunderstorm – (0:28)
7. Overnight – (1:54)
8. Beach Club – (1:50)
9. Sweet Morning – (0:45)
10. Heaven – (2:22)


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