Dream Catalogue releases “London 2041” by wosX

wosX (formerly known as Wolf, wolfensteinosx) is an electronic music/cyberpunk music producer who is most well-known for being one of the catalysts to the hardvapour aesthetic at the end of 2015 and subsequent founder of the Antifur label. London 2041 sees him returning to the wosX moniker again to release a new album that incorporates elements of dreampunk, jungle music, and breakbeat. The album drops the aggressive gabber and industrial tendencies that characterized his hardvapour catalogue, although London 2041 is still just as beat-heavy as other albums, if pulling a bit more lo-fi percussion against the hi-fi synth sounds (e.g. “Heat of the Night”). Choice tracks are “Zone 6 Meltdown” and “Sewer Rave”. Recommended for fans of HKE’s output. Currently, the album is only available fro £4 GBP as a digital download, but a vinyl edition will be available later.

Check it out below:



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