Dream Catalogue releases “Accensor” by Facechain

Dream Catalogue is continuing its streak of new releases every couple of days with Accensor from Facechain – a pseudonym that may be a reference to the identically-titled album by Infernal Demon Kaito, which was released on TKX Vault in July 2017. Accensor mixes the ambient texture of “dreampunk” music (in which Dream Catalogue made itself a household name in modern cyberpunk music) with ghost tech. The album’s five tracks are split between two long-form and three single-length. “Visage I” is a choice track, being the best example of the merger between ghost tech and ambient music. Accensor is available for £4 GBP as a digital download.

Check it out below:




  • ctysdan

    Is this HKE by any chance?

    • Sunbleach

      Chesumasuta is HKE and Infernal Demon Kaito is a pseudonym of Chesumasuta. So I’m guessing that since Facechain is taken from the IDK album title, then Facechain is also HKE.

      Most of the TKX Vault projects and unattributed DC projects are HKE.

      Edit- well, according to Twitter, Facechain is their own person 😉


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