Midnight Moon Tapes releases “Tech Support: After the Dream” by Rez X OSCOB

Tech Support: After the Dream is an updated release of the Tech Support collaboration between Rez and OSCOB that was originally released in 2014 on Dream Catalogue. Rez and Oscob are known for their previous collaborations together through the Virtual High trilogy, in addition to Oscob’s work as the head of Bedlam Tapes. Tech Support is a vaporwave album with a number of notable influences and plunderphonics techniques, sampling from sources as diverse as Portishead’s “Machine Gun”, field recordings, and the vaporwave mainstay of adult contemporary music. Fans of the Virtual High trilogy will find this album substantially more experimental and less uptempo, with lots of strange spoken word-samplism portions. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $10 USD on cassette in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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