AOTW | 5 February – 11 February: Sandtimer – 808 Hate Suite

Now that January is over, Sunbleach is returning to its regular format for the album-of-the-week updates! Our first for 2018 is 808 Hate Suite by Sandtimer – an album title that’s perfectly descriptive of the music (along with Black One by Sunn O))) and Fun House by The Stooges). 808 Hate Suite is notable for being one of the first hardvapour releases, albeit several months before the genre existed. It is a single eighteen-minute suite of uninterrupted industrial techno and gabber. Released on the experimental TKX Vault (an imprint of Dream Catalogue), 808 Hate Suite was ironically tagged as “vaporwave” on Bandcamp, hinting at the antagonistic attitude taken by prominent hardvapour artists to vaporwave upon the genre’s birth at the end of 2015. 808 Hate Suite is a hard-hitting album drum-kicks and distorted bass that will appeal to fans of Antifur, HVRF, and perhaps even some old-school experimental IDM. It was originally exclusive to digital download, but a cassette reissue via Acid Medical in fall of 2017 has brought it to physical format.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and listen to the music below:



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