[Weekly Recap] 29 January – 4 February

Tons of music came out on Monday, 29 January and Friday, 2 February. There were several notable releases from Dark Triad Records, Seikomart, DMT Tapes FL, and Midnight Moon Tapes. If you’re a fan of physical material, there’s no shortage from some of these labels and more. It was a busy week for Sunbleach, too – although only three album articles were published, the site is beginning to undergo an extensive rehaul of the navigation panel and the album article format to ease searching and provide more information. See below for in-depth updates from 29 January – 4 February 2018.


New Music

Monday, 29 January
Tuesday, 30 January
Wednesday, 31 January
Thursday, 1 February
Friday, 2 February
Saturday, 3 February
Sunday, 4 February


Site Publications

Friday, 2 February
Saturday, 3 February

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