House of the Leg releases “Hell Shit” by Snakepiss

Sure, it’s not reaaaally vaporwave, but the concept is too good to pass up. Hell Shit is new music from Snakepiss (a collection of quality words, there) available on British label House of the Leg. The concept is the following:

I’ve never had a job that a robot will not be doing inside of ten years. This album is dedicated to them and our future together. Robot scab workers just trying to get by, bored robot wives, robot puppies that spray fragrant carpet cleaners when they piss on your prized rug (we will all have a rug in the future, they will be provided (at no charge!) by RugCo and while they do not record your every word they do listen for certain key phrases), robot children who do the mowing without complaint, your robot arm which mostly works and will definitely not kill you if you utter certain key phrases. Your robot eyes and ears which do record everything around you but it will be deleted after 30 days (and stored in text form via automatic visual-to-text analysis for future reconstruction should there be a need or passing interest). It is dedicated to all of us existing together and how little we will mind it when it finally happens.

Damn. Well there you have it guys, I can’t write anything better than that. Sonically, the album is a mix of plunderphonics samplism, modern electronica, and jungle-esque beats. All tracks feature some spoken word samples from movies, television, or other media There’s a few meme references in there as well. Choice tracks are “Have You Ever Heard the Tradegy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?” and “I’m So Scared”. It’s available for £4 GBP as a digital download and for £4.50 GBP on cassette on pre-order until 20 February 2018.

Check it out below:



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