AOTW | 12 February – 18 February: KEITOBOT – HAPPY

HAPPY from KEITOBOT is the third and likely last in line (barring revitalization like with TKX Vault) for Vault XYO, an imprint of the Dream Catalogue label that was briefly active in 2016 and released two other albums of experimental electronic music from Buried Angel and Aot Lam. HAPPY precipitated a pause in releases from many Dream Catalogue and related labels after an extensively fertile 2016, in which creative mastermind HKE released approximately fifty albums under various pseudonyms and subgenres while running Dream Catalogue.

As for the release, HAPPY is three tracks of strange hardvapour/experimental electronic. The “KEITOBOT” pseudonym refers to Keito Shimuguchi, a drone project that has released through TKX Vault and was purported to be the name of チェスマスター. These tracks will appeal to fans of the Pyramids and HVRF labels, especially the latter’s “ambient hardvapour” works.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and listen to the music below:



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