Shikuramen Garden releases “Cursed Things” by First Kings

Cursed Things is a compilation by First Kings comprised of two EPs (Stigmata Scenes and Filth Triptych) and several previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are mostly presented in order of release. The music on Cursed Things is best described as a mix between vaporgoth, dreampunk music, and ambient techno. It has the distinct, dark vibe of vaporgoth with many exceptionally twisted samples that are wrung-out of any standard notion of musicality, but there is also a significant utilization of unobtrusive beats and cyberpunk ambient. Recommended for fans of the TKX Vault label. Cursed Things is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $8 CAD on cassette in an edition of ten.

Check it out below:



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