Bogus Collective releases “Lost Worlds & Computers” by ☒ / [ D A T A B U R S T ]

Lost Worlds & Computers is a split release between ☒ and [ D A T A B U R S T ], available through Bogus Collective. ☒ (also known as “Quadratox”) has released several albums through labels such as Elemental 95 and Swamp Circle, and [ D A T A B U R S T ] is a staple of Bogus Collective. Lost Worlds & Computers offers five tracks from both artists. The ☒ side is primarily ambient vaporwave, and “Fiat Tempus” is straight vaporgoth with its dungeon atmosphere. The [ D A T A B U R S T ] side incorporates drunken hypnagogic drift music. Lost Worlds & Computers is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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