AOTW | 5 March – 11 March: 蜃気楼MIRAGE / Chungking Mansions – Secret Deal

Secret Deal is a pretty notable album in context of the TKX Vault releases for several reasons. It’s the only split released by the label in its original run of fifty albums. It features two artists who often collaborated through Dream Catalogue and – on Chungking Mansions’ behalf – would go on to release works in ghost tech and hardvapour. Finally, it’s pretty much the only straight-up vaporwave album released on TKX Vault, and it’s one of the few vaporwave albums to remain tied to the Dream Catalogue name following the label’s deletion of many albums at the end of 2015. Secret Deal incorporates your late night lo-fi aesthetic to a “T”, but it also features the subtle darkness that is characteristic of many of the TKX Vault albums regardless of their genre affiliation. If you like this, check out The City Never Ends by Midnight Television, which takes a similar “off” twist to city romance.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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