[Admin] Sporadic updates 12 March – 27 March

Hey y’all, just a quick message regarding the next couple of weeks. I am going home to Alaska to watch the end of the Iditarod race and hang out with my girlfriend between 12 March and 27 March, so Sunbleach may or may not be updating under its regular schedule during that time. There’s going to be several periods of downtime as the race finishes, but I’ll be staying in a cabin that almost certainly won’t have Internet access – and plus, I’m gonna be spending most of my time with the dogs.

I’ll try to get some new music updates up for the weekly recaps on the Mondays, and I might have time to write some articles during the plan rides and layovers. Otherwise, have a great couple of weeks, and I’ll see you when I see you!

Here’s a dog:



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  • ctysdan

    Have a great time in your home, and don’t worry if you can´t write for Sunbleach in the next few weeks, your happiness is the priority!


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