Fantasy Deluse releases “seasonal depression” by videofashion

I actually recognize some of these songs from when my mom played smooth jazz on the car radio back in the 90s. season depression is a new release from videofashion through the old-school vaporwave label Fantasy Deluxe. The tracks here are short vignettes into the subgenre of late night lo-fi, which takes samples of early adult contemporary and instrumental pop music (often with a romantic subtext) and splices it up into sounding like it’s played from decrepit physical media. This album is recommended for fans of James Ferraro’s tape work and for fans of Midnight Television, as the lo-fi qualities are accentuated more than normal with impressive bit rate decay. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download; the cassettes are sold out as of this writing, but Fantasy Deluxe states that more will be sold soon.

Check it out below:



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