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Hello, everyone! I came back from my long vacation about a week ago, and after dealing with a day of jet lag and a long bout with post-Iditarod sickness, Sunbleach is back to regularly scheduled programming with album artworks, album-of-the-week posts, new music blurbs, and other features.

For the past week, I’ve written new music blurbs for each of the albums that came out on labels throughout the past three weeks. If I missed one of your releases, please don’t take it personally – just send me a message either through the contact form or via the Twitter account (@Sunbleach_Media) and I’ll write it up. It’s important to me to get each new music blurb posted with its own few lines and a time-stamp to fulfill the archive goals of Sunbleach.

Unlike before, I’ve decided not to do a weekly recap out of interest of my own time. However, there are two bits of news from the past three weeks that are important for the community. The first is that TKX Vault has closed its doors again following the release of LOST: The Infernal Mixtape by Martin Smith (f.k.a. Chesumasuta) on 19 March 2018. The second is that long-running vaporwave label DMT Tapes FL celebrated their 500th overall release on 29 March 2018 with the self-aware Gulf Coast Florida Bedroom Label by Cosmology Magazine Editorial Contributor. Congratulations to DMT Tapes FL – and I’m still broken up over TKX Vault closing.

I have no further plans for major vacations until the summer, so the next two months at least at Sunbleach will continue without interruptions. As always, thank you for reading!


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  • in my opinion, it doesnt help that LOST: The Infernal Mixtape was kind of an anticlimactic ending for it..Hong Kong Express was like, a big album both in popularity and fantastic sound, but LOST is just your average trap rap mixtape with some Dream producers. i just feel like they could’ve closed the vault with something better loll


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