Online Records releases “HIGHER&HIGHER&HIGHER” by MIDSTYLE

In its blurb for HIGHER&HIGHER&HIGHER, Online Records asks listeners to forgive them for the haphazard release schedule due to being busy. You’re forgiven, OR – just don’t stop releasing music. HIGHER&HIGHER&HIGHER from MIDSTYLE is a four-track EP in pure vaporwave form. Like previous full-length MIDSTYLE (also for Online Records), HIGHER&HIGHER&HIGHER acts as a survey of vaporwave trends with each track trying out a new subgenre or style. The release opens up with six minutes of extremely distorted ECCOJAMS before flitting through ambient vaporwave, classic-style vaporwave (replete with smooth jazz samples), and vapornoise/glitch music. It’s a solid follow-up to MIDSTYLE. HIGHER&HIGHER&HIGHER is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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