Dream Catalogue releases “Album Title Removed” by Artist Name Removed

Dream Catalogue’s three-track EP Album Title Removed is a bit of a take-that at critics of DC’s business practices over the past few months. DC has had some shake-ups in staffing and presentation since early 2017, which most notably climaxed with the saga of “Henry Moonchild” – a persona created by label owner HKE about a man who gets high off of raccoon blood and released a single track with almost twenty remixes by various artists within the dreampunk and vaporwave communities. HKE has received backlash ever since moving DC away from vaporwave to other forms of electronic/cyberpunk music, which Album Title Removed teases with the tagline “‘Worst album ever, HKE is a fucking idiot for releasing this!’ – some dumb fuck jabroni”. This EP has a short classical sample in the beginning, followed by a twenty-minute vapordrone track, and ending with four minutes of drone metal. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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