DMT Tapes FL releases “Digi​-​Cop ’93 OST” by Synod

The cover art to Digi​-​Cop ’93 OST features a taped-over cover of a SNES cartridge, and lemme tell ya right now those things are built to last. Several years ago, my university apartment flooded. My SNES and all of my SNES games (not to mention my GameCube and N64) all sat in about three inches of water for a few hours. Several hours of drying later, and they all still work with absolutely no problems. Damn, son.

Anyway, Digi​-​Cop ’93 OST is a sample curation album from Synod, who’s had an active year thus far creating a variety of classic-style vaporwave works for labels such as Elemental 95. The actual music is original synth music designed to sound like those cheesy old video game menus with a bit of a bit-rate degradation to fit the old-school gaming milieu. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:




  • that’s actually pretty interesting! i wouldn’t think that the cases would be that durable haha

    i just wanted to comment to tell you that it’s not actually sample curation. i can see why you thought that, but all songs are made original with samples spliced in only a couple tracks. no worries, just wanted to say!


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