AOTW | 16 April – 22 April: qualchan. – the spectacle.

There’s a small yet fervent trend in vaporwave that consists of full-length albums mixed and presented as if they’re complete sides of old cassettes. Usually, the releases consist of two tracks about twenty or thirty minutes each comprised of individual songs or movements that are stitched together in a single listening experience. One example of such a release is the spectacle. from qualchan (typeset as “qualchan.”), which was released in January 2017 through Cell Death Tapes. The album is designed to be heard in a single sitting, and it contains a large amount of one-minute (sometimes less) snippets that present small windows into whatever world that qualchan inhabits. The length and production style of these kinds of albums effect similar feelings as drone music, being drawn-out pieces that exist in their own small worlds.



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