Infernal Demon Keito – Unfrozen Predators

Album information:

Artist: Infernal Demon Keito
Album: Unfrozen Predators
Type: Extended-play (EP)
Release date: 30 June 2017
Label: TKX Vault

  • Digital download (TKX Vault, 2017)


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Unfrozen Predators is the first of two releases for TKX Vault by Infernal Demon Keito, a corruption of the alias Keito Shimuguchi. It was the second release for the second run of TKX Vault, which re-opened in the summer of 2017 after a year-long hiatus. Like its chronological precursor Infinity of a Void by チェスマスター, Unfrozen Predators is an EP of ambient cyberpunk music. It consists of four tracks with drone progressions of sound in sixteen minutes, making it not only the shortest Keito Shimuguchi album at the time but also the only one in the artist’s discography that isn’t a single long-form drone song. The songs feature the usual staticky, subtly cinematic drone that characterized fellow second-run album New Intelligence by Omega Sapien, and it also incorporates the same dearth of progression other than ambient synths with some distortion. Unfrozen Predators is an unexceptional release among the thousands of Bandcamp drone music.



1. The Father – (3:26)
2. The Mother – (6:18)
3. The Ice Children – (2:16)
4. The Flood & The Fire – (4:00)


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