AOTW | 23 April – 29 April: Toad Computers – ✔ permanent vacancy

In recognition of the recent nine-album drop by Swamp Circle, this week’s album-of-the-week is ✔ permanent vacancy by Toad Computers. ✔ permanent vacancy is a vapornoise album released in November 2016 that experiments with classic-style vaporwave samplism and drone. As fitting many of the Swamp Circle releases – whose creator Angel Marcloid focuses on experimental harsh noise and sound collage – ✔ permanent vacancy has an “anarchic milieu” (as stated in the Sunbleach article) that makes it feel like the tracks are about to fall apart at any moment. Most of the tracks are about a minute in length, but the final track “✔ permanence” is a twenty-four minute mallsoft loop of muzak over a PA system, a true testament to lonely consumerism that very few mallsoft albums have ever come close to touching. ✔ permanent vacancy is representative of the strange, quirky, and occasionally scary eclecticism that Swamp Circle does so well.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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