Under Two Palms – Under Two Palms

Album information:

Artist: Under Two Palms
Album: Under Two Palms
Type: Extended-play (EP)
Release date: 14 May 2015
Label: DMT Tapes FL

  • Digital download (DMT Tapes FL, 2015)


Recommendation: ☀☁☁

Remember how FLORAL SHOPPE started off? With the sweet, sweet sound of Sade1 serenading you against the most seductive yet slurred instruments?2 It’s that exact moment – before the glitches take over – that artists like Under Two Palms have been trying to capture ever since. The self-titled EP (and debut release) from this completely pseudonymous artist on DMT Tapes FL curates five tracks of adult contemporary samples with the slightest bit of screw that sounds like the air isn’t quite all the way in the band. It’s pure summer happiness3 with a distinctly compressed production style that’s characteristic of many classic-style vaporwave projects with music released through DMT Tapes FL. Check out the title track and “Paradise” for particularly good examples of vaporwave that’s simply happy to be alive.



1. Paradise – (2:03)
2. Sensual – (2:42)
3. Ocean Haze – (1:55)
4. Beside You – (2:20)
5. Under Two Palms – (3:30)


1Who really doesn’t need any additional effects to sound sexy as hell.
2The alliteration wasn’t intentional, but I decided to roll with it after “serenading”.
3And I appreciate the glitched palm trees.


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  • Georgeie

    This is actually one of my favorite vapor albums period, so I obviously digress but good review regardless. Important thing you left out of the review which I thought could have been noted was the original synth work. Difficult to spot under all the lo-fi drums and mastering, but most present example I can think of is on “Beside You”. Tropical clave instruments come in around the 1 minute mark. Sample is Anita Baker- Same Ole Love, for comparison.


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