particle dreams – Serenity

Album information:

Artist: particle dreams
Album: Serenity
Type: Extended-play (EP)
Release date: 11 November 2016
Label: DMT Tapes FL (via Verbatim Consciousness Recordings)

  • Digital download (Verbatim Consciousness Recordings, 2016)
  • Digital download (DMT Tapes FL, 2017)


Recommendation: ✂ (“break of dawn”)

Serenity is release #40 for Verbatim Consciousness Recordings (a.k.a. VCR), a short-lived imprint of the DMT Tapes FL label that released125 albums from 2016 to 2017. It’s also the debut release by particle dreams, who produces old-school vaporwave in the vein of Cosmic Cycler and waterfront dining. This release is six tracks of sample curation from smooth jazz and instrumental adult contemporary music with muted production and the slightest touch of phasing to give it a late night lo-fi feeling. It’s heavily reliant on sample curation, whereby the artist merit comes from carefully selecting and editing extant material, and then re-presenting it in a newly contextualized form. Serenity moderately succeeds at this, although the phaser effect occasionally obscures the samples when they sound just fine on their own. Start with “break of dawn” – if you like what you hear, then get the whole thing, and explore particle dreams’ influences by way of the aforementioned Cosmic Cycler and waterfront dining.



1. serenity – (2:28)
2. break of dawn – (2:21)
3. sunset highway – (2:39)
4. take me home – (2:28)
5. yvette – (2:36)
6. walk into the night – (4:22)


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