Aurawire releases “a.m” by Animalman

a.m was originally released in February 2018 on the Acid Medical label, which shut down a couple months ago and deleted its entire catalogue of releases (except for one). The album has now found a new home on Aurawire, a label based out of Minneapolis, MN that primarily releases experimental and electronic works. a.m may be loosely categorized as a hardvapour release by virtue of Animalman’s early association with the scene, but it’s better described as a mix of modern experimental cyberpunk music with industrial techno. The actual album is six tracks; there are six more available on the Aurawire release that are remixes of the full album. Featured artists include PATHS, No Death, Sangam, Sour Gout, Lila Tirando A Violeta, and THUGWIDOW. It’s available for $4 USD as a digital download and for $8 USD on cassette in an edition of fifty.

Check it out below:



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