Æescape Sounds releases “Pro Consumerism 1 & 2” by ☒

Pro Consumerism 1 & 2 by ☒ (pronounced “Quuadratox”) is now available through Æescape Sounds, a highly varied vaporwave label that releases classic-style vaporwave, hypnagogic drift, and ambient vaporwave. Pro Consumerism 1 & 2 is a fifty-five-minute album with many different songs/samples that are edited together into two tracks, as if each track is the complete side of a cassette release (an aesthetic also utilized by qualchan.). Songs range from simple sample curation to hard-hitting vaporhop It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $12 USD on cassette in an edition of fifty, thirty-two of which are only sold through the label.

Check it out below:



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