AOTW | 4 June – 10 June: MIDSTYLE – WITHIN

Our first AOTW featuring a release from Online Records focuses on WITHIN by MIDSTYLE. Coming on a label that was then mostly known for experimental vaporwave releases utilizing tape music and sound collage, WITHIN was a total throw for the label, but on second glance one that totally makes sense given Online Records’ goal to release albums that experiment with vaporwave influences. WITHIN, as stated by Sunbleach and the artist themself(s), is best described as a survey of vaporwave trends that incorporates a huge variety of subgenres and trends throughout the previous seven years of the genre’s/scene’s existence. These include vaporhop, ambient vaporwave, hypnagogic drift, and classic-style vaporwave; and they’re all sequenced to flow quite effectively while also retaining a jump-cut aesthetic that’s a bit meta seeing as how vaporwave as a genre usually utilizes the jump cut style per track. If vaporwave is a genre that is built on or at least influenced by nostalgia, then WITHIN sounds like nostalgia for the genre itself, or at least fond recollections of its errant youth.

Read the Sunbleach article here, and check out the music below:



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