Elemental 95 releases “foralways” by shamane

foralways is a twenty-track full-length by shamane, now out on the French label Elemental 95. foralways is a doozy of different vaporwave influences, mostly centered around drone and hypnagogic drift. Each of the twenty track titles set up a certain mood or atmosphere that may be interpreted as settings for the music, like “the micro tones of your appliances, they love you, they’re playing your songs all the time!” and “patio on the roof, vaulted ottoman deck, horizon lilt in a papier-mâché fortress”. The titles have a hyperrealist vibe, as if the writer were trying to evoke human experiences while only having a vague outsider’s idea of what exactly they are. Each track is quietly produced and somewhat unnerving with wispy instrumentals and synth or keyboard progressions, often with a bare hint of percussion/shimmering that hints at something else going on. foralways is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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