Fantasy Deluxe releases “☆420 Deluxe☆☆☆ SUMMER​​~​​NiTES-MEGAMIX☆ 2 . 0” by ☆420永遠に☆

Now that is an album title. ☆420 Deluxe☆☆☆ SUMMER​​~​​NiTES-MEGAMIX☆ 2 . 0 is, well, the megamix of the titular album by ☆420永遠に☆ – newly issued through the Fantasy Deluxe label. This release presents the full uninterrupted edit of the original album in a full forty-five minutes as remixed by a host of artists. The effect gives the album a tape music affect not unlike that of qualchan.. This megamix features a much quieter and subtle production tone than the sample curation often heard on Fantasy Deluxe releases, making it a solid example of dynamic range preservation in low-fidelity releases. Recommended for fans of the aforementioned qualchan. and also Datavis. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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