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I’m not dead! Just hiking! As of today, 34/48 peaks accomplished. Currently in the midst of a four-day camping trip to knock out some of the faraway peaks. Will be back in town tomorrow night, then a 20-ish mile hike the next day followed by two more days of camping to finish. Currently looking at being finished with all 48 by Tuesday of next week (26 June).

After we finish the peaks, I’ll do a double weekly recap as well as get a few album articles published. I plan on taking a day or two of zero days to just relax and physically/emotionally recuperate following the hikes.

For anyone who cares, here’s what we (as in, my dog and I) have been up to the last few days:

Tuesday we did Jefferson-Adams-Madison (5712ft, 5774ft, 5367ft), upon which we experienced the hardest (but some of the most fulfilling/rewarding) summits yet, including experiencing some of the (in)famous Presidentials wind with 70+ mph gusts atop Adams. We spent the night at a cabin owned by the Randolph Mountain Club, where we became close friends with the caretaker Anna and two other hikers who teach veterinarian parasitology.

Wednesday was Mt. Joy Divis- I mean, Isolation (4003ft). Not much to say here, it was a big 15-ish mile trip there and back again. Easy grade, but just long. We did get some good hiking for two miles along a river that included many crossings, which Corvette loved.

Today we did the Wildcats in the morning, an 8.2-mile out-and-back that hits five peaks but only two of which – Wildcat D (4062ft) and Wildcat A (4422ft) – count as 4000-footers due to the lack of prominence above a col (at least 200ft) that the Appalachian Mountain Club requires for a peak to be considered part of the official NH 4000-footers.

No photos because I’m on super spotty Wi-Fi during a brief break that could go out at any moment. Tomorrow are the three Carter mountains – Middle Carter-South Carter-Carter Dome (4610ft, 4430ft, 4832ft) – and Moriah (4049ft). We’ll finish with a brief stop at the AMC’s Carter Notch Hut.


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