& Options releases “Last Week” by CULT MEMBER

Remember ghost tech? Ghost tech was a microgenre invented between Halo Acid and HKE that described, in the former’s words, “dance music for introverts” that played up influences from UK garage, British experimental dub, and hardvapour. It was almost entirely practiced by the Pyramids and Tekres labels, neither of which have released new albums in some time. The new album Last Week by CULT MEMBER on & Options, however, is pretty close to the original ghost tech description. This release features four-on-the-floor beats with lo-fi production that includes polyrhythms, vocal samples, and bassy grooves. Choice track is “_daytona”. It’s available for $4 USD as a digital download and for $8 CAD on cassette in an edition of thirty-three.

Check it out below:



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