[Weekly Recap] 11 June – 17 June

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the weekly recap for 11 June through 17 June – not 18 June through 24 June. The hiking schedule has been pretty intense the last couple of weeks, and as such we did not update the weekly recap last Monday. That’s getting published today. There were no Sunbleach updates, so this is exclusively a new music update. The next weekly recap for 18 June through 24 June will occur tomorrow night. There were no major new music releases for Thursday, 14 June.

Hiking is going great, for anyone curious! Our final long hike to complete the 48 4000-footers of the New Hampshire White Mountains occurs tomorrow, where we’ll hit six peaks in a row. Then it’s on to Maine and then Vermont for a few more. I’ll post some more details (and what to expect in terms of itineraries) alongside the recap tomorrow.

As always – thanks for reading!


New Music

Monday, 11 June
Tuesday, 12 June
Wednesday, 13 June
Friday, 15 June
Saturday, 16 June
Sunday, 17 June

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  • Zveroboy

    I know you don’t usually talk about self releases since there would be way too many albums to report, but I still think it’s worth noticing that 猫 シ Corp released Palm Mall Mars since it was such a hyped release by some people in the community.


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