Kaiseki Digital releases “Kabale” by Dadanaut

Before I go any further, it’s gotta be said that “Dadanaut” is one of the best artist names of recent memory. Their newest album is titled Kabale, which is out on Gainesville, FL label Kaiseki Digital – which is also currently open for submissions! This release is strongly influenced by old-school futurist art, before the idea of “cyberpunk” was nascent, with specific call-outs toward Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (a classic of 1930s cinema, I might add) and Erich Kästner’s School of Dictators. Tracks feature significant ambient with a “cinematic” milieu that’s prevalent in many Kaiseki Digital albums; they often stretch to ten minutes and beyond. Choice track is “Morphinist”. Kabale is available for $2 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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