Æescape Sounds releases “KOSMOS” by Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand

The copy-and-pastable label Æescape Sounds issued a forty-minute album by Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand (not a collaboration – it’s just the artist name) at the beginning of the month. To quote from the press release, KOSMOS “centers on a simple chord structure filtered through various channels to create a soundtrack of sorts” – which is much better of a description than anything I could write. The results is a soundscape of drone music that’s as cold as the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland that inspired much of the album’s content. The album is designed to be heard in a single full listen, but it has been split into four tracks of exactly ten minutes each; choice section is “Part III”. KOSMOS is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $6 USD on cassette in an edition of thirty-five.

Check it out below:



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