Sunset Grid releases “flavorWave TURBO” by 美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~

Contrary to the belief of the uninitiated (and that’s not to knock them!), “classic-style vaporwave” is not synonymous with “sample curation”. Classic-style refers to the glitch-inspired, plunderphonics style of vaporwave that was used by artists like Skeleton, early Vektroid, and Robin Burnett in 2010 and 2011 before the explosion of vaporwave upon FLORAL SHOPPE and its contemporaries. Although samples definitely make up most of the releases, classic-style vaporwave refers to a particular milieu created by stuttering, skipping, or otherwise glitching music that’s often accompanied by the pitch-/tempo-shifting for which vaporwave has become so well-known. The reason this is brought up is because flavorWave TURBO by 美学(bigaku)AESTHETICS~ on Sunset Grid is most definitely a classic-style vaporwave album in the fullest form. Check it out if anything in that description reached out to you. flavorWave TURBO is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check out it out below:



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