Junk Maker Sounds releases “ベルベットの罪悪感 / / ベルベットの栄光” by ベルベット73-95

ベルベットの罪悪感 / / ベルベットの栄光 by ベルベット73-95 is a concept album on the “guilt” and “glory” of velvet – which fits the artist, whose name translates to “Velvet 73-95”. This release (out on Junk Maker Sounds) is classic-style vaporwave that almost approaches slushwave in its drunken milieu. Tracks have been given a severe degradation treatment, as if a cut-off filter were applied to all low-end frequencies and reverb were turned up. Choice track is “MAKES+YOU+FEEL+THE+LOVE”. The album is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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