Power Lunch releases “Downstream Integration” by bakmahn

From everything I’ve heard, business culture in the 1990s was absolutely terrible. Every buzzword sounds like a euphemism for something psychologically unsettling for the employee, like rightsizing (a different word for downsizing), hoteling (where employees don’t have their personal cubicle or office and get a different one based on assignment on a timely basis), and “downstream integration” (which generally means increasing “productivity” by closer working hours with other staff groups, often preceding downsizing and done when the business is losing money somewhere or feels they’re lacking efficiency). Speaking of that last one, Downstream Integration is a new release from bakmahn and available through the Power Lunch label. This release features that all-too-chipper and sterile corporate music often associated with the “metrosong” micro-genre that was the main focus of the Clear Visions label before it closed last year. There are also some pitch-/tempo-shifted spoken word portions, as with opener track “How the Successful Start Their Day”. Downstream Integration is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $8.50 USD on cassette in an edition of thirty.

Check it out below:



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