Bludhoney releases “Gaze” by w u s o 命 & Sangam

Bludhoney officially released a much-awaited collaboration between cyberpunk music artists w u s o 命 and Sangam this past week. The release is titled Gaze, and it’s a five-track split available on a variety of physical and digital media options. w u s o 命’s solo music generally includes dreampunk-esque cityscape vibes that include strong percussive elements; Sangam’s lean toward cyberpunk-ambient and synth music. Gaze is an apt merging of both styles, resulting in a downtempo cyberpunk album whose length is somewhat of a tease considering the opportunity for a full-length in the future. Most physical editions of Gaze sold out fast; at the time of this writing, it’s available for $5 USD as a digital download and $15 USD on “icy blue” 7-inch vinyl in an edition of 125.

Check it out below:



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