Naughty Night releases “MOTION PICTURE” by b o d y l i n e

Naughty Night is a label from the Ukraine that focuses on late-night lo-fi music deeply indebted to the sample curation aesthetic. What does that mean? Well, perhaps a case study will suffice. MOTION PICTURE is a new full-length by b o d y l i n e. It is primarily constructed out of spliced samples from corporate music and instrumental adult contemporary tracks. These tracks are then processed further with more grain, static, and dust then normal, making the tracks sound as if they’re lower-quality recordings than the clean bit rate implies. Tracks often have a bit of reverb added as well to enhance a smoky, romantic vibe – as on “Midnight Sensetions”. Get it now? MOTION PICTURE is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for approximately $8 USD on cassette (depending on your shipping costs) in an edition of forty-eight.

Check it out below:



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