Bogus Collective releases “Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2” by Outer 神殿 / Bob Gengis Khan

Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2 is this week’s Friday release from the Bogus Collective label. It’s a split double-album between Outer 神殿 / Bob Gengis Khan, both of whom have worked with Bogus Collective and/or collaborated with the roster artists in the past. Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2 straddles the line between classic-style vaporwave and vapornoise, with the album steadily getting more decrepit as it goes on.

In the past, classic-style vaporwave was extremely noise-influenced with lots of glitch elements; the scene generally petered out into considering anything that slowed-down some new age music to be “classic-style”, but its roots are in noise. Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2 brings this back with some wonky and experimental chopped-and-screwed edits, with significant additional distortion (e.g. “ñite wit yoµµµµµµµµ”). Remember the weird tracks on FLORAL SHOPPE? Like that, yeah? Cɾ∪ƨhəᑯ Conversionƨ 2 is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

Check it out below:



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