[Weekly Recap] 10 September – 16 September

Good day, vaporwave fans! Here’s your first weekly recap on new music and site updates for the fall. I’m still getting into the swing of things in grad school and seeing what times work best for updates. At the moment, it’s looking like Mondays and Tuesdays are completely out as those are my biggest days for class and often end up being when I do my homework for the week. Wednesday mornings look better (such as today – this is being timestamped for publication on 17 September just for consistency), as do Saturdays and (maybe) Friday afternoon. I’ll try and get a better update schedule when I can.

With that out of the way, here’s a run-down on new updates from the last week:


New Music

Monday, 10 September
Tuesday, 11 September
Wednesday, 12 September
Thursday, 13 September
Friday, 14 September
Saturday, 15 September
Sunday, 16 September


Site Updates

Slow, continued work in getting back into things.


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