Swamp Circle releases the “w/ Teeeth” compilation album

w/ Teeeth is a compilation album of works by Angel Marcloid (head of the Swamp Circle label) and a collection of her former monikers. It’s also a charity release to help raise money for dental surgery. This release incorporates 5.5 hours of Marcloid’s music, which is based in extreme noise manipulation and other forms of glitch experimentation, including both software and hardware-bending. If you haven’t heard of Marcloid’s work in the past, then this is a pretty good introduction simply because it spans a large variety of her work (even if it’s only, like, five percent of her monikers) and shows her evolution from pure noise into incorporation of digital and “retro-” aesthetics. It’s available as a pay-what-you-want digital download, but please consider a donation.

Check it out below:



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