Ghost Diamond releases “의미” by HCMJ

The Ghost Diamond Collective is a label/collective that is run by and includes various electronic artists such as HCMJ and tech honors, as well as being the home of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv. Today, the collective issued four new albums. The first is 의미 by HCMJ. This is an electronica and ambient electronica releases that samples from contemporary choral music and field recordings that were captured by HCMJ. Expect the free-flowing ambient nature of early death’s dynamic shroud.wmv, but with a modernity (if you’ll excuse the word) that reflects the eclectic, multi-styled structure HCMJ has pursued since Flight on Dream Catalogue. 의미 is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $9 USD on cassette in an edition of 150 ($29 USD) if purchased with the other three releases.

Check it out below:



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