Ghost Diamond releases “Populous Romantique” by Dinosaur on Fire

Dinosaur on Fire is one of several long-running projects under the Ghost Diamond umbrella, a label that features members like tech honors of death’s dynamic shroud.wmv. Populous Romantique is the newest release from this label, released alongside new music from HCMJ and two others. Populous Romantique features old-school, cinematic synthesizer music that recalls 70s/80s sci-fi films. It’s the first album from this project since 2012 – mirroring its sister project Winter Sleep also having their first release since 2012 on this same day. The album is primarily themed around the artist’s personal experiences and travels, “chronologically relay[ing] a decade-long personal narrative of relocating from the city to the suburbs to the tropical coast”. Populous Romantique is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download and for $9 USD on cassette in an edition of 150; you can also purchase it with three other cassettes as a part of the Ghost Diamond full bundle for $29 USD total.

Check it out below:



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