Kaiseki Digital releases “A Whole New Life” by Streymoyer

Vaporwave is such an interesting media. It’s one of the few genres – hell, music scenes in general – where you’ll see an artist release multiple albums on multiple labels and everyone is just kinda like “hey that’s great, glad you got something out of them” instead of bringing in contractual obligations and all that jazz. Someone should write an article (or thesis) on that. Anyway I bring this up because Streymoyer’s A Whole New Life is one of two new albums by the artist in the span of a couple weeks, and on totally different labels. A Whole New Life is a fresh out on Michigan label Kaiseki Digital. It incorporates ambient synths, dreamscape-like compositions, and reverbed downtempo percussion for a trippy but not drug-induced relaxation session. Choice track is “Aimless”, which kind of describes the preceding sentence. A Whole New Life is available for $2 USD as a digital download.

Check it out below:



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